I’ve wanted to be a writer since childhood. I spent years coming up with story ideas and writing poetry, but less than a year out of high school I fell in love and chose to pursue the practical career of teaching. I’d always been a dreamer, but dreaming wouldn’t pay the bills. 

Nine years of marriage and two kids later, I began to realize that as a stay-at-home mom I might actually have the chance to write a book. My passion was ignited once again. In the moments between diaper changes and episodes of Sheriff Callie’s Wild West, I spent hours thinking about a story idea I’d come up with many years before. In the late hours of the night — and sometimes the early hours of the morning — I began working on the royal romance that had captured my heart.

It all started with the romantic concept of meeting someone’s eyes across a crowded room, where the connection is so strong that everyone else fades away. I am, beyond a doubt, a hopeless romantic, but I do not believe in love at first sight. When I imagined this “scene” it wasn’t between strangers, but friends who shared a strong connection, an undeniable pull. The idea for Heart of Mine was born.

I spent nearly a year writing and editing my novel until it was finally ready. Holding my published debut novel for the first time was a dream come true. The dream I had long since given up on actually became a reality.

I am beyond blessed. By the God who gave me a talent for writing. By the family and friends who recognized my talent early on. By the husband who encouraged me to follow my dreams and offered much needed support during the entire process.

To each and every person who helped to make this dream a reality, I thank you.

To everyone who has a dream … don’t be afraid to go for it. You can’t follow your dreams if you aren’t willing to take the leap.

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