This was my very first writing retreat, and I can tell you, it will not be my last! It was pure perfection. No chores. No responsibilities. Nothing but un-interrupted writing time.

Yes, we actually spoke to each other. We chatted about life, about our books, our writing styles, marketing and goals. We bounced back and forth from the dining table to the couch, and we spent many silent moments just staring off into space as we worked through various scenes in our heads.

We enjoyed every minute of the peace and quiet in our little villa. Not to mention the stunning view! There wasn’t a lot of sunshine this weekend, but the rainy weather was perfect for the Scotland-inspired setting of my book. We didn’t even leave the room once. From morning to night we were getting those words in!

My original goal was to write 15,000 words. Let’s see how I did:

45-hour retreat.

20 hours of writing.

8 chapters.

9,800 words.

Not the 15,000 I was aiming for, but when I take into consideration all the editing I did, I’m very happy with the results. It would have taken me weeks to make this kind of progress at home. A huge shout out to my friend and author buddy L.K. Magill for sharing this experience with me.

It was beyond priceless.

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