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Clean romance Author

My Story

The dream of becoming a writer began in childhood. Blessed with a love for books and an endless imagination, I spent years coming up with story ideas and writing poetry. Less than a year out of high school, I fell in love and chose to pursue the practical career of teaching. I’d always been a dreamer, but dreaming wouldn’t pay the bills.
Nine years of marriage and two kids later, I began to realize that as a stay-at-home mom I might actually have the chance to write a book. My passion was ignited once again. In the moments between diaper changes and episodes of Sheriff Callie’s Wild West, I spent hours thinking about a story idea I’d come up with over six years ago. In the late hours of the night — and sometimes the early hours of the morning — I began working on the royal romance that had captured my heart.
I spent nearly a year writing and editing my novel until it was finally ready. Holding my published debut novel for the first time was a dream come true. The dream I had long since given up on actually became a reality. I am beyond blessed.
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