The royals of coradova, BOOK 2

Heart Captivated

Was love worth the risk?

He’s the second-born prince of Coradova. But she’s not looking for happily-ever-after.

Brielle Parker no longer believes in fairytales—not when her life in the country has led to nothing but heartache. When she first meets the second-born prince of Coradova, she refuses to be dazzled by his teasing smile and inviting blue eyes.

But the charming Prince Ashton is impossible to resist.

During their summer together in Coradova, the sparks continue to fly until Brielle can no longer deny her growing feelings for him. When her twin sister gives her heart to Ashton as well, Brielle must choose between her twin, or the prince who made her believe that love is worth the risk.


We were shown to our separate guest rooms on the third floor. My room was large with an attached sitting area, golden floral print walls and a cozy array of French antique furniture. Glass doors opened out onto a private balcony on the northeast wall of the palace, overlooking the cliffs and shimmering expanse of sea.

There was a knock on my still open door. I turned to see Ashton filling the doorway.

“How do you like your room?” He stepped over the threshold and looked around, his hands sliding into his pockets in a casual gesture. “It’s one of the nicer ones.”

My lips twitched. “It’s hard to imagine that any room in this palace wouldn’t be nice.”

Ashton smiled and joined me out on the balcony. Even though the doors were open and we were surrounded by sky and endless sea, the confines of the balcony still seemed to shrink down until I was acutely aware of Ashton’s proximity. It made me undeniably nervous.

His blue eyes traveled over my face, warm and too soul-searching. “It’s good to see you again, Brielle. I’m glad you decided to spend the summer here.”

“Me too,” I choked out, sounding way too breathless. “Thank you for inviting us.”

“I should admit that I had an ulterior motive.” He moved closer, his hand brushing against mine. “I was hoping it would give us a chance to spend more time together.”

My breath caught in my chest. I couldn’t deny that I was still irresistibly drawn to him, but if anything were to happen between us, it would utterly crush Sophie. “Ashton, I don’t think—”

“Then stop thinking,” Ashton ordered softly. He dazzled me with that dimpled smile, making my thoughts scatter, then he reached up to brush a loose strand of hair from my cheek and studied my face, his fingers lingering on my jaw. “I want to know more about you, Brielle.”

“No,” I whispered, terrified yet eager at the same time.

“Yes.” Ashton slipped closer. My heart rate sped up, nearly beating right out of my chest. He cupped my face with one hand and met my eyes. “There’s something here. I know you feel it too.”

“But Sophie—”

“—is not you.” His eyes warmed considerably. “And I want to know you, Brielle.”

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