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Heart of Mine

We were never supposed to fall in love. He’s the Crown Prince of Coradova, and I’ve been his best friend since childhood. One kiss changed everything.

My name is Madison Kavanaugh and I grew up in a small, modern-day kingdom in the Mediterranean Sea. My life in Coradova was better than any fairytale — until I fell in love with my best friend, and the one person I couldn’t have. Crown Prince Alexander.

Now I’m forced to fight a love I can’t give into. But with every look, every touch, I fall deeper for the prince who holds my heart.

Amid a political storm of intrigue and mystery, I will risk everything for Alexander.

Even my life.


This book is very near and dear to my heart. It’s a story I spent years thinking about, before finally putting pen to paper. And it all started with the notion of meeting someone’s eyes from across a crowded room.

When I first wrote about Crown Prince Alexander, I instantly fell in love. He was charming and passionate, and loved his country as every good king should. He was the perfect Prince Charming. The problem was, what sort of woman could possibly capture his heart?

As the heir apparent of a Mediterranean kingdom, Alexander was highly sought after. It was a struggle to determine who wanted him because of his title, or the man beneath it. As I began to write the scene where he meets a woman’s eyes from across the ballroom, I knew I wanted them to have a connection, a history. This was not love at first sight. The emotions between them had been brewing for a long time.

Alexander needed someone who could challenge him, support him, and love him through his weakest moments. Someone who could see the man behind the title, and love him for all that he was. Who better than Madison, his best friend from childhood? The only woman he had ever allowed to see behind the royal mask.

Alex and Maddy’s royal romance is more than just a modern-day Cinderella story. It’s a deep, passionate, and abiding love that stays with you and never lets go.


Looking more appealing than anyone had a right to, Alexander sauntered over to me with his charming, debonair smile in place and held out a hand. “Would you like to dance, Maddy?”

I hesitated. It wasn’t like I hadn’t danced with him nearly a hundred times before … only now I didn’t know if my heart could handle it. Would dancing with Alexander be a mistake?

A moment later, I slipped my hand into his.

Alexander smiled as he drew me out onto the dance floor, his eyes warm and blue as the sea—and more inviting than I’d ever seen them. He began to move us to the beat of the music. Spinning around the dance floor, it felt like we were swept up in a world of our own.

Lost in the moment. Lost in each other.

Alexander gazed down at me in a heated silence. Did he feel it, too? The longing for something more.

There was no denying it now. I was falling for my best friend.

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