The royals of coradova, BOOK 3

Heart Promised

We were supposed to be together forever. After five years of wedded bliss, I thought our life was perfect. But I was wrong.

My name is Princess Arianna of Coradova and I’m finally ready to start a family with the love of my life, Lord Bennett. But a secret from the past has shattered our picture-perfect life.

It wasn’t supposed to end this way. We were supposed to live happily-ever-after. 

Now it will take everything Bennett and I have to keep our marriage from unraveling . . . or the promises we made to one another will forever be broken. 


Bennett silently pulled out my chair and waited for me to be seated. He looked very handsome in a fitted black shirt and pressed slacks, but his expression was solemn. There was no light in his eyes. We were both still upset over our argument last night.

My shoulder brushed his arm as I passed him, causing a tingle to shoot up my arm like a lightning bolt. We hadn’t spoken a word to each other all morning, let alone touched. Our eyes locked for one long, breathless moment. Sudden tension charged the air between us. Mere months ago, I would have leaned in and kissed him. But now?

I honestly didn’t know if he would welcome my kiss.

Even with the longing to kiss him blazing through my veins, the strain between us was overpowering. It chilled my blood. I hated this uncertainty. How could I not know what my own husband was feeling? Did he want to kiss me, or not?

Bennett stared at me as if his thoughts were running along the same lines. But when he did nothing more than watch me, I swallowed down the bitterness of regret. His silence was my answer. I thanked him with a small, forced smile and took my seat beside my mother.

Bennett hovered behind my chair. I could feel the warmth of his closeness as surely as I felt every throbbing beat of my heart. When he finally moved away, his fingers brushed my back in a lingering gesture—one of apology, one of longing? The touch sent a tingle all the way down my spine.

I snuck a glance at him as he claimed the seat beside me. He looked as torn up as I was.

How had it all gone so wrong, so quickly?

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